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For your lesson you may need some equipment. If you are coming for your free taster lesson then you don't need to worry-everything will be provided for you, and if you need to, we can usually supply them a for the few weeks following.

If you have signed up then you will need a few things.


  • Electric Guitar/Bass Guitar- you will be required to bring an electric guitar, strap, lead and plectrum (pick).

  • Keyboard-no equipment needed for classes. Keyboards and headphones will be provided for you.

  • Drums- you will need drum sticks. Nothing else will be needed. Electronic drums and headphones will be provided.

  • Acoustic Guitar- Required to bring your own guitar, strap and plectrum (pick).


For recommendations on where and what to buy, please speak to us. We will always recommend that you support local music stores.  For a great local store, go to The Record Shop in Amersham. These guys know their stuff, and have guitars and keyboards in stock, as well as a great music collection.


Record Shop, Amersham

5 Woodside Road
Amersham HP6 6AA

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